Yet only 3 years old but growing rapidly to make sure your events and keepsakes are that much more special!
How We Started

OwlTopThat! is a family based company that has been around for years. The company itself is based out of our Owl Workshop.  Although we sell a variety of Cake Toppers and Personalized gifts; each is designed for a specific niche theme which allows us to make your event match and more memorable. is a online gift site and supplier of a variety of cake toppers from wedding cake toppers to birthday cake toppers, even cupcake toppers (the little ones). We have been a web-base business for about 3 years using Etsy, Amazon, and Ebay to reach out to you with our products. We moved our business into the electronic marketplace. Since then, Owltopthat has expanded from a small, start-up enterprise into a successful on-line business with satisfied customers around the globe.


We have been on a mission to provide a wide selection of personalized theme and decorations to match any event. We want to make sure everyone is able to get EXACTLY what they want when it comes to a personalized gift! We look forward to working with you! Stiving to be the center of your Event



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